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I often say about my work that these are the stories I would want to read. They are stories about a segment of the LGBT community, those of us who are 55 and older, that often gets overlooked. The first boomers are turning 70 this year and we have been rewriting history and culture since we were babies. We are no different now! We are vibrant, interesting and interested, iconoclastic and hopeful. I hope that my books will reflect that. 
   And I am a hopeless romantic, so there is plenty of that in my work as well. Whether we have paired off happily or continue on as single adults, we are not immune to stories about the lure of a new romance. My characters can attest to that. 
   Romance, humor and a little adventure are the things that interest me in fiction and I try to give that to the wonderful, generous readers who have been kind enough to contact me. I hope you will continue to be interested in my stories.
   I will be 70 years old in July. (How did that happen?) I live in Sacramento, California-a city I love. I am surrounded my friends, old and new and am a very happy camper. I live alone, but I'm never lonely and it allows me the time to write and create all of these characters I am so fond of. 
   Oh…by the way…the next book is called “Ready for the Eighties” and is a roman a clef about my life in San Francisco during a terrible time in our history. We fought back and maintained a sense of humor through it all and I hope to capture that in this book. Look for it later this year!
​  I hope you will try one of my books and pass it along to a friend. Let me entertain you!

Without Paradise

​   In a gay twist on Brief Encounter, Charlie Morgan and Ben McSwain meet on a train and are instantly drawn to each other. Charlie is a gay writer and atheist. Ben is an evangelical Christian, widowed with two children, who has never even thought about a relationship with another man. While it appears that these two have nothing in common, they find that they are "soulmates."  It's a surprising and joyous discovery for Charlie and a confusing one for Ben as they try to bridge their vastly different lives. 
    Ben has a full life with his work as a nurse, his family and his devotion to his church. His love for Charlie and a personal tragedy will test all of those commitments and make him question everything in his life. Charlie's work takes him to Texas to write a Broadway-bound show in collaboration with his old college roommate, Lee, and sexy, young country and western star, Luke Beecham. It looks like a smash hit until a secret from Lee's past shatters everyone's chances for happiness and brings Charlie to the loneliest place in his life. 


​    Imagine an email describing the ultimate gay cruise on a brand new ship called The Paradise–built especially for the gay community. This ship has it all: shopping, Broadway shows, fabulous restaurants and clubs, swimming pools and casinos. And the maiden voyage is just about to depart from glamorous Singapore for the South China Sea, Bali and Australia. It’s a dream trip that would be hard to resist. Who responds to these emails? What kind of people will be on this ship? From California to Florida, from Oregon to New York, from Arizona to Texas, Gangplank! follows five “couples” from across the country who have some very interesting reasons for buying a ticket on The Paradise.  Daisy and Oliver are mother and son. As national president of GASP (Gay Allies Siblings and Parents) she is determined to improve her gay son’s love life! She doesn’t know his love life has already improved without her help! Ed and Cliff have been together for 45 years. But Ed is keeping a secret. Is an anniversary cruise part of it or a way out of it? Mollianne and Van are a Texas debutante and her gay first husband. Sometimes ex-wives make the best girlfriends and Van in called upon to prove his friendship. When Mollianne experiences some hard life lessons, Van puts his own budding romance on hold for her. Dennis and Chad, two “theater people” in a May/September romance, are headed for a high seas honeymoon if an old love from the past doesn’t sink the ship. It would be high drama is they weren’t so much in love. And finally, Mitch and Ronnie were college roommates and have been best friends ever since.  There friendship is healthier than their love lives. A cruise will help them mend their broken hearts and other body parts and prove that friendship might be the best kind of love after all. 
   There’s plotting and scheming, a few white lies and some shabby grey ones, too. There is high romance and low comedy, Tom Ford sweaters and Botox, a vintage Mustang and Neiman-Marcus. Five very different stories about love. And what brings them all together? The promise of a fantastic voyage where they can break and heal, cry and laugh, forget and remember that ends with a poignant good-bye to one of them.
   And it all happens before they even get on board the ship! Remember that this isn’t a story about a cruise. We’ve already got The Love Boat for that. This is a story about how to get to the Gangplank!


   The definition of home is different for everyone. For some, it’s a place, for others it’s another person or a work of art or an old comfy sofa. Connoly Bradshaw IV moved 1800 miles from all he knew of home to avoid coming out to his family and friends. And Portland, Oregon welcomed him. He has a job he loves, good friends and has met his soulmate, Travis Craig. They want  a home together but, in order to move forward, he must face his family and the lies of omission. The miles are closing in on him and the inevitable Texas showdown hangs over his head. Then he receives word of his grandfather’s death and he must go home for the funeral. Putting his own issues aside out of respect for his grandfather and namesake, he decides to keep his secret a little while longer when he returns to Madison, Texas and the family he loves and fears.  But on the day of the funeral, his aunt gives him a mysterious package his grandfather left for him.  Inside is a diary kept fifty years earlier when the elder Bradshaw was a young man. The journal, the final gift of love, will change Con’s life forever and the lives of everyone around him will be affected.
   HOME is the story of two Connoly Bradshaws: one, a contemporary story of love and coming out and acceptance. The other is a fifty year old tale of romance, love and loss in the summer of 1959. The youngest Bradshaw is about to be caught up in his grandfather’s life in a way he never expected and comes to understand that generations may differ in many ways but some things never change and one of those is love.


   ​If you were offered the chance to be young forever, would you take it?
Kenneth Sean Campbell’s Forever explores this question through the wonderful world of gay vampires, eschewing the overwrought angst driving today’s vampire literature for a more original spin. Campbell’s thought-provoking writing brings wit and sophistication to this classic genre.
Encompassing a rich history that stretches from before recorded time to the present, Forever weaves a Gothic tale of mystery and romance that begins with Waxu, a strange being of unknown origin, whose lust is awakened by the human Ger-Lad. They become the founders of a vast vampire dynasty that flourishes through the ages.
   Ger-Lad eventually makes his way to 1846 New Orleans, where, under the name Gerald Graves, he seduces a young doctor whose life of loneliness and deception is slowly wearing him down. Dr. Robert Lazarus welcomes his induction into this intriguing community, but unlike Gerald, his quest is more for love than for power.
   It’s in the modern-day Bay Area gay scene, where Andy Oliver is struggling with the aging process, that the central question of the book is addressed, as Andy and his best friend Pete are launched on a fascinating supernatural adventure.